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Llama Trek Galleries

Ryan TurnerBeaten PathThe Beaten Path is a trail which we traveled south to north crossing the Beartooths from outside Cooke City, Mt. to the East Rosebud.  This was a trip with professional photographer Ryan Turner and his family and friends.  Visit Ryan's website at  We took the trip in September of 2003, snow showers and blustery weather were expected.


Spanish Peaks Trip

Spanish Peaks:The Spanish Peaks trip was taken in September with friends Anne and Suzanne of Ohio.  Originally this was to be a birthday trip for both of their 50th birthdays but due to a cancellation because of an injury I had we rescheduled this trip for the following year for their 51st birthdays.  The delay didn't keep us from having a blast!

Lake Plateau:  The DanLake Plateau trip is really a trip about Dan, a llama I had in llama boarding school who I thought would like a nice pack trip to see there was more to life than haltering, shots and shearing.  Dan came to Canyon Mountain Llama Co. as a difficult to halter 2 yr old.  When Dan was 3 I took him out behind The Lorax a few times in the fall, training him to work in the string.  As a 4yr. old Dan was ready for a week in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  I started the trip from the Box Canyon trailhead  hiking a loop up the Rainbow trail and out the Upsidedown trail.  Dan went in a boy and came out a man.