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Nonforceful, gentle, clean beautiful job 

I'm not a believer in putting llamas and alpacas to the ground for shearing and toenail trimming.  Llamas and alpacas are thinking feeling intelligent animals who if given the chance can be taught to stand in balance while I quietly shear.  Instead of running away traumatized your animals will come away knowing more and continue to improve with each shearing.

Nonforceful shearing starts with "the catch"

I like to find your animals standing in a corral unhaltered, just haDuane releases llamasnging out munching on hay.  I put my 10x10 shearing pen in a corner and quietly work them around into the pen where I halter them nonforcefully and shear them.  No chasing, no upset, no circus, no rodeo.  It doesn't take a village.



Duane prepares to release his pack llamas back into the pasture after shearing.

As a hand shearer OR blade shearer

I'm able to blend the neck on llamas who shed their neck wool, shear down the legs on alpacas and wooly llamas and vary the overall cut length depending on where I'm shearing geographically and what time of year it is.  Your llamas and alpacas will not be shaved to the skin.  I do leave a minimum of 1/4" to 1/2" coverage normally and in colder areas or late summer cuts I leave up to an inch.   This way if weather moves in after shearing day your animals will not freeze.  They do need a bit of "loft", an air pocket to insulate them from the cold and from burning rays.


 This llama was shorn to the skin at 7000' in Wyoming.  Sunburn is a big deal when blisters like this appear.  She was shorn 6 months before the picture was taken and eventually died of her wounds.


Goats and Sheep

Shorn BillyI'm not a real sheep shearer however I am willing to show up and shear whatever number you like.  I do shear quite a few sheep every year and a bunch of angoras.  I put a llama halter on them, tie them comfortably and shear.  Usually they stand OK  with someone  standing on the other side.  I'm unable to grab goats and sheep with my shearing hand so I do need you to catch them and hold them while I slip the halter on and hold horns and lift ears out of the way while I carefully shear around their faces.


Another good place to find a good sheep shearer in your area is the Sheep Shearer's Directory.


Hand Shearing Llamas, Alpacas, Angoras in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana

Shearing Llama