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Shearing:  Llamas $65     Alpacas $75

Toenail trimming:  $25

Covexin 8:  $5

Ivomec Plus:  $10


Ranch Call:  $75




I charge the same rate across the board for each animal regardless of the number of animals I'm shearing.  I take the same care and do the same good job with every single animal so the charge is the same for every single animal.


Ranch call charge is to help with direct expenses such as fuel, lodging, equipment, equipment maintenance and repairs.


Wild Llamas

And llamas who have never seen a halter.  It's OK!  I can afford to absorb the odd llama or 2 here and there but for a bunch I charge double for shearing.  I've developed a protocol for shearing wild ones.  I spend time with them, halter them nonforcefully, give them some lessons in giving to signal and release them.  The "release" is as important as what I do with them in the pen.  The first time they're in my pen they can't visualize ever getting out so the first lesson is the "release".  Once they know I'm going to let them out, they take an interest in learning what I have to teach. Usually I can shear them the 3rd time I have them in my pen.  If I'm doing an entire herd this way I like to cut out 8, spend the whole day training so each is given 3 lessons.  Next day I shear them 1st time in pen and they stand just fine for me.  Llamas are tricksters and often folks will tell me their llama is wild and really they're not, they're just leading you to believe they're wild.  This happens 9 out of 10 times so we'll see when I get there.  I truely have a connection with llamas and alpacas.  It amazes me how smart they are and how easily they're trained with the right technique, a soft hand and a little understanding.  I'm sure to leave you and your llama knowing more.  Having me work with them gives them a real jump start.  Llamas and alpacas retain what they're taught no matter how much time evolves between sessions.