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Shearing Calendar

My shearing calendar is somewhat loosely organized. I shear my way around beginning in Northern California March, ending in Wyoming at the end of the summer.  I have my shearing list of clients I work from scheduling (in "scheduling" I'm talking about nailing down date and time) as far out as 2 weeks at a time.  My shearing schedule gets bumped around due to weather so often times I'm forced to re-schedule people.  If it rains on your scheduled day, we re-schedule.  I don't leave and area and move on to the next area until everyone is don't worry about the weather, I won't leave you in the lurch.  I can tollerate a little rain, showers are OK, downpour days are too messy, if temps are up around or over 100 degrees I might tip right over so we adjust timing for that event.  I used to schedule further out than 2 weeks but ended up spending all my time on the phone trying to re-connect with people to re-schedule so that turned out to be a futile exercise.


As time draws nearer to your area I'm more able to give you a close estimate of when I'll be in your area.  Feel free to call me to ask "when" especially if you have plans.  I can usually work around your schedule, we can work it out, you are not bothering me:) 




     Northern California   

Mid-March through May



Idaho, Utah, Western Wyoming



July into August

Central and Eastern Wyoming